Stream crossings, foot bridges, and baby heads what do they all have on common?  You will find them all out on course at the Dirty Secret Trail Run.  OK we don't mean literally seeing baby heads, but you will come across Baby Head Alley named after the rocks that line the trail that look like (yes you guessed it) baby heads.  Knickerbocker Creek crossing is something that can't be missed just after 3 miles on both courses and one of the highlights of the run.  Both races start from Northside Elementary School in Cool, CA.  Be one of the first to explore this all new course complete with butterflies, newts, rolling hills, and plenty of dirt.  This course is perfect for the first time trail runner while also still challenging enough for the trail vets.  The long course is 10.3 miles and the short course is 5.8 miles. Courses and distances are subject to change.

Aids Stations (feature water and nuun electrolyte replacement drink)
Mile 1.34
Mile 3.48
Mile 7.78 (long course only)

*You should carry your own gels.

Short Course
Short Course (With Notes)

Long Course
Long Course (With Notes)